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Tracing American Culture and Language Through NYT Crossword Puzzles

Project 4 at Metis is focused around unsupervised machine learning and Natural Language Processing. But we also incorporate NoSQL for our data storage, Flask as a Python based web framework, and visualization with D3.

But what topic should I work on? I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles and I’ve been working on them in the mornings before Metis to get my brain started. Maybe I can combine crossword puzzles with data science?!

crossword Crossword Puzzles!


Next Steps After Metis

Wow! So my 12 week at Metis is over. Here’s a recap of the last week at Metis - the whirlwind that included my final project, the career day presentation, and my next steps after Metis.


Thoughts from the Final Week of Metis

So this is the final week of Metis and I’m busy working on the final project with crossword puzzles, but I also had some time to reflect of my journey so far.

I’ve put in a lot over these 12 weeks, worked really hard, learned a lot, and have some great projects to demonstrate. But at the same time I feel like I know less about data science today then when I did coming in. Sounds bad but it’s good. Here’s what I mean.


Week 8 and 9 at Metis Data Science

Another 2 weeks has passed swiftly at Metis. We worked on and presented our 4th project around natural laguage processing and unsupervised machine learning, and we learned the basics of distributed computing with Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, and Spark. Here’s a summary of what I worked on and some of my thoughts:


Dr. Kirk Borne speaks at NYC Open Data

On Wednesday, I went to NYC Open Data Meetup where Dr. Kirk Borne spoke. This guy’s literally a genius. Right now he’s the Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has a PhD in Astrophysics, taught at George Mason University and worked with large scale data systems for decades, including 18 at NASA. He talked extensively about data science, but here’s a snippet of my notes: