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    dangerous journey. And it might rain on the way.
      -"The Wizard of Oz" 

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Sunday Night: Geeking Out with Data Science

Unrelated, but who knew it would be so fun just studying data science and watching TV on a Sunday night. Here’s my desk:


The Oscars were on, and I tried to do a quick prediction with data science on the size of the movie crew. I’ll put that post up soon.


Week 6 and 7 at Metis Data Science

Wow we’re more than 50% done at Metis. Time does seem to go by very fast. We’ve done some pretty cool stuff lately, so if you’re intersted, here’s what we worked on.


James Faghmous of Mount Sinai Arnhold Institute for Global Health Speaks

On Wednesday, James Faghmous, Founder and CTO of the Arnhold Institute for Global Health at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, came to speak at Metis on “Reimagining Global Health”.


Gilad Barash of Dstillery speaks at Metis

Gilad Barash, data scientist at Dstillery came to Metis to share about his work in Ad Tech on Tuesday 2/23. It was a comprehensive and technical overview of data science in the online advertising space. Here are my notes:


Google NYC Tech Talk - Sidewalk Labs: Reimagining the City as a Digital Platform

Google hasn’t had a tech talk in NYC for a while now, but I was able to snag a spot to the hottest Meetup in town. Hosted at the Google office in Chelsea, Sidewalk Labs CTO Craig Nevill-Manning and COO Anand Babu spoke about the venture’s vision to use technology for good by improving the cities we live in. Here are some of my notes.