Revamping Website with Jekyll

Jan 09, 2016    

I just migrated my website to Jekyll and will be blogging about my journey as a data scientist.

It took about a day of research and deliberation to finally decide on using Jekyll to quickly write posts in the familiar markdown format. I am working with Python most of the time lately, so I seriously considered a CMS built on the Django framework or using Flask.

But since my goal right now is to get something up and running quickly, Jekyll was the best bet. In fact it only took me 30 minutes from reading the documentation, installing, and getting this page live on my web servers!

I’m an expert at starting websites and not updating them. And I still remember my Geocities and Angelfire webpages with animated flaming GIF with a permanent “Under Construction” sign with bulldozers.

Under Construction

Then there’s Xanga blogs, I moved on to a hosted Wordpress blog. Now I have a professionally looking site with my own domain running on Jekyll!

Next step is to customize the look and layout of the site by playing with CSS.