The Land of Oz - Ozzie Liu


I am Oz, the Great and Powerful!
Who are you? And why do you seek me?

    -"The Wizard of Oz"

OK, I’m not a wizard that can give you a new heart, brain, or courage (yet), but behind the curtain, I am a data scientist passionate about exploring the heart, the insights, and the guts in data.

I use data to explore big questions and tell compelling stories.


I am at Metis Data Science Bootcamp to brush up and prepare myself for a career in data science. My goal is to formally work on interesting data science projects with machine learning, data mining, data visualization, and web development to create cool data science products.

In addition, I’m eagerly using this chance to network with industry experts, improving my programming skills, and learn more with big data tools like Spark. I’m quite excited about these 3 months and will be blogging about my journey.


Before this, I’ve worked with data in many different ways. I interned as a data scientist for an insurance company and I helped bring data analytics to the Big Ten Athletic department at Rutgers University.

I founded an e-commerce startup focused on offering high quality and affordable home decorations through multiple channels. It’s not a disruptive approach, but we leverage web analytics along with word-of-mouth of our reputation to grow steadily and organically.

I was pursing a Master in Quantitative Finance and I’m very familiar with finance and financial data.

I also have 6 years of IT experience in telecommunication system architecture, project management, and an academic background in Electrical Engineering.

Data Projects

See this page for a selection of cool projects I’ve worked on.


In my spare time: I am developing on a video game on iOS; a certified SCUBA diver; have a motorcycle; enjoys traveling and roadtrips; am 1 country short from visiting all communist countries, an avid reader, snowboarder and crossword puzzle solver; am preparing for the zombie apocalypse; and with the help of Google and Wikipedia, asking and exploring 1 big question everyday for the past few months.

Well OK, in role playing games (RPGs), I actually do play a wizard (or shaman). But I’ve gotten pretty rusty recently.

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