Mapping Legal Permanent Residents with DataKind and ILRC

I recently volunteered with DataKind and had the chance to lead a team of fellow volunteer data scientists on a six-month long pro-bono project for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center’s (ILRC) New Americans Campaign to analyze and visualize the demographics and geography of lawful permanent residents eligible for naturalization

Redirecting Page to My Own Web Host With CNAME

GitHub Pages is very easy to setup to host a webpage, but I happen to already have my own domain name and webhost that I want to keep using. I don’t want to manage 2 different sites right now. Here’s what I did to redirect traffic going to my page [] to my primary site []?

Scraping 3rd-Party Ticket Prices Using Stubhub's API

I have a colleague working in entertainment that needed to gather ticket prices on 3rd party sales to get a reading on the popularity and pricing of events. Currently, the colleague’s company pays a large sum to a contractor to scrape this data daily. We wanted to see if this was possible and easy to do using the StubHub API.

Writing Liquid Template in Markdown Code Blocks with Jekyll

When I was writing another blog post on listing blog posts by tags in Jekyll, I came across a curious problem when I try to write liquid template code in my markdown file. Evidently, when Jekyll compiles the static web files, it tries to process all the double curly brackets like {{ and {%, which of course leads to errors.

Tracing American Culture and Language Through NYT Crossword Puzzles

Project 4 at Metis is focused around unsupervised machine learning and Natural Language Processing. But we also incorporate MongoDB for data storage, Flask as a Python based web framework, and visualization with D3. I love crossword puzzles and have been doing them for many years. Can I combine crossword puzzles with data science?!