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Mapping Legal Permanent Residents with DataKind and ILRC

I recently volunteered with DataKind and had the chance to lead a team of fellow volunteer data scientists on a six-month long pro-bono project for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center’s (ILRC) New Americans Campaign to analyze and visualize the demographics and geography of lawful permanent residents eligible for naturalization, allowing Campaign partners to be more effective in their outreach and naturalization work.


Redirecting Page to My Own Web Host With CNAME

GitHub Pages is very easy to setup to host a webpage, but I happen to already have my own domain name and webhost that I want to keep using. I don’t want to manage 2 different sites right now.

How do I redirect traffic going to my Github page ( to my primary site (

This may seem trivial, but it always takes me a long time to find the solution to this question online. So I’m writing a quick post to remind myself.


Scraping 3rd-Party Ticket Prices using Stubhub's API

Update 3/5/2017: I’m glad my blog post has been helpful for a lot of users who are interested in getting started with getting data from StubHub’s API using Python. But since the blog post last June, there’s been a lot of changes and I wanted to update my post with the latest details.

First, Stubhub had deprecated the Inventory Search API with a newer version, so the new code is updated to reflect that.

If you’re having trouble subscribing to InventorySearchAPI-v2, see the last section on this post to manually subscribe to it.


Writing Liquid Template in Markdown Code Blocks with Jekyll

When I was writing my previous blog post on listing blog posts by tags in my Jekyll website, I came across a curious problem when I try to write liquid template code in my markdown file. Eveidently, when Jekyll compiles the static web files, it tries to process all the double curly brackets like {{ and {%, which of course leads to errors.

Apparently this is not a bug, but just a caveat of using a templating language with markdown. Well there are a few workarounds, here’s what I ended up doing.


Listing Jekyll Blog Posts by Tags with Liquid

Today I was working on some enhancements on my blog and I hit a wall trying to create an blog post archive listed by tags. I did some Googling and couldn’t find anything helpful right away, so I did some research and testing to get it to work. You can find the result on my archive page. Here’s what I had to do: