Google NYC Tech Talk - Sidewalk Labs

Google hasn’t had a tech talk in NYC for a while now, but I was able to snag a spot to the hottest Meetup in town. Hosted at the Google office in Chelsea, Sidewalk Labs CTO Craig Nevill-Manning and COO Anand Babu spoke about the venture’s vision to use technology for good by improving the cities we live in. Here are some of my notes.

Optimal Street Team Placement for WomenTechWomenYes

This is our first project at Metis. Assigned at the first day of class and due on the same Friday, we work in groups to help WomenTechWomenYes raise funds and promote awareness of women in technology. Here’s part 1 of my analysis.

Week 5 at Metis

Week 5 at Metis and we’re getting into the meat and potatoes of supervised machine learning. Here’s a recap

Python Tutorial on Linear Regression with Batch Gradient Descent

I learn best by doing and teaching. And while Python has some excellent packages available for linear regression (like Statsmodels or Scikit-learn), I wanted to understand the intuition behind ordinary least squares (OLS) linear regression. How is the best fit found? How do you actually implement batch gradient descent?

Sudheer Marsetti Speaks to Metis

Today we had the pleasure of having Sudheer Marsetti speak to us at Metis. Currently a Senior Data Science Director at Aetna, Shdheer was very open in sharing about the data science group that he manages. Although he started off by admitting that he didn’t have a fancy presentation or talk prepared today, he spoke candidly.